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Intimacy & Connection – how can we improve it?

Intimacy involves feelings of emotional closeness and connectedness with another person. Intimate relationships are often characterized by attitudes of mutual trust, caring, and acceptance


For intimacy to grow, it needs trust and acceptance.


  • Trust with intimacy is creating a safe space where we can be our true selves, without fear of judgement or rejection.


  • Acceptance to grow intimacy, is feeling heard and supported.


Trust is a great place to start. An open conversation with your partner on what trust means for you individually, and where your relationship is at for your own trust definition.

When communicating with each other, it is important to not put any blame on the other person for you feeling the way you do.

Using opening sentences such as “I feel” rather than “You make me feel” can create the safety needed, for both to be open to listening, and open to sharing.


Once you understand what it looks like for the other person to fully give you their trust, you can choose what you implement to work towards gaining it at a deeper level, which will help intimacy grow and flourish.



Acceptance is built through trust. When we trust someone with our true selves, we do so because we feel accepted.


Acceptance is understanding you are both individuals, with differences that make you unique, and not trying to change or judge the other because of them.  Acceptance is knowing we are only responsible for our own feelings, and if we are triggered by someone it is our issue, not theirs.

When we can truly accept someone at this level, the connection that creates is strong. Intimately, it is a game changer.

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