About Me

Zara Gold


I’m Zara Gold, the founder of ‘Hum at Home’. I have an incredible husband, Josh, who I’ve been with for over 20 years and 3 amazing children; Jae (15), Maddi (14) and Hudson(12).

Having 3 children and a husband on the Autism Spectrum, means lots of Therapies and Specialists over the last 15 years to learn the skills and tools, we needed to implement in our family life, for us all to thrive.

I was the CEO of our business for over 10 years, leading a team of 50 people through the height safety industry in South East Queensland, while navigating & parenting 3 children, with one on the spectrum.

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My Life Journey

Leading a corporate team and leading a family, are both roles that require a high level of communication and listening, which are very critical skills. Throughout the years, I learnt so many valuable lessons and skills to be able to communicate with clarity and certainty, both at work and home, with incredible connection in both areas.

The last 3 years I’ve had multiple coaches, who have ignited my passion for helping people communicate at a higher level, to feel heard & to create more connection in their lives & I’m completing a Diploma in Counselling to work on my Mission of Impacting over 40,000 families by 2025.

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