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Helping Families Connect

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Helping Families Connect

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Zara Gold


I’m Zara Gold, the founder of ‘Hum at Home’. I have an incredible husband, Josh, who I’ve been with for over 20 years and 3 amazing children; Jae (15), Maddi (14) and Hudson(12).

Having 3 children and a husband on the Autism Spectrum, means lots of Therapies and Specialists over the last 15 years to learn the skills and tools, we needed to implement in our family life, for us all to thrive.

I was the CEO of our business for over 10 years, leading a team of 50 people through the height safety industry in South East Queensland, while navigating & parenting 3 children, with one on the spectrum.


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    January 2022

    Success Stories

    The space that Zara created made me feel very safe and I was able to open up with very little pressure at all. The questions I was asked and how they were asked weren’t intrusive but allowed me to think deep and share the thoughts with Peta and Zara.

    Zara has helped us, as a couple to understand each other and that it’s ok that there’s differences. She has also shown us how to have fun again!

    Anthony Oldfield

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